Family Room

    Family Room

    Bio friendly Shampoo, Conditioner and soap
    Table lamp
    Shower, toilet
    Temperature control
    Closet with in closet hangers


    Our family room is the best option for travelling families or any group seeking to maximize their budget without sacrificing accommodation quality.

    The family room comes in two options and can accommodate 3 or 4 visitors.  A comfortable double bed is accompanied by one or two single beds to suit travellers needs (small family room and large family room).  This rooming option provides the perfect place to settle down after an active day.

    The web page will have 2 booking tabs one for small and one for large family room

      In room Amenities

    • Hair and body shampoo
    • Towel
    • Bath towel
    • Slipper
    • An assortment of tea’s and coffee



    Reserve Room


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